Monitoring explained

Monitoring is a great and useful service that helps keep you informed about the condition of your network and different services. Thanks to the detailed data provided by it, you or your network administrator is going to be able to determine if your network is running optimally or not. Find out more about one of the great Monitoring services on the market.

DNS CAA record – meaning

CAA means Certification Authority Authorization. Such a record is a DNS Resource Record that allows the owner of a domain name to define which Certification Authorities (CAs) can issue a certificate for the domain. Use CAA records to limit the abuse and stop the issuing of fake certificates for your domain. Learn more about the CAA record!

What is the Traceroute command?

Traceroute command, just like the rest of the popular network commands, is a simple small software with command-line interface and comes built-in on most Linux distros, BSD distros and even macOS. It is easy to understand its purpose, to trace the route of a query, from your computer, through all the routers (hops) on the way, to the target that you set. Learn everything important about the Traceroute command!

DNS – meaning

Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming database system. It is locating and translating domain names into IP addresses. Imagine it is like a directory or even like a mobile’s contacts list. Each one of the names corresponds with numbers, and they are accurately matched. DNS directory is spread worldwide. This system operates daily. It helps to explore and reach millions of domain names every day. Find out more information about the Domain Name System!